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picture-of-me-2Gavin Bird is an entrepreneur from Essex, United Kingdom who dropped out of school with nothing better than a D grade at GCSE and started two successful companies by the age of 30 working out of his bedroom at home.

Today Gavin helps Small to Medium Sized Accountancy Practices profit wildly through the use of his predictable lead generation systems.

After numerous bad experiences with generalist agencies he decided to do it himself. 6 months later he had successfully implemented and perfected a predictable system that grew his business revenue by 500%. He decided to offer the exact same system to Accountants after a random conversation with his own Accountant who wanted the same system for his practice. The rest as they say is history.

Gavin is a firm believer in keeping things simple. In his own words “90% of the agencies offering digital marketing solutions just don’t work. It’s this reason there are so many Accountants who have had bad experiences. A predictable system set up correctly should consistently bring in new clients 4 to 6 weeks after implementation, and is should continue doing that each month there after. If it doesn’t, it’s bluntly not good enough and no excuse should convince you otherwise.”

Gavin has interests in a number of other businesses and is also the CEO & Founder of Avian Intel, a Customer and Competitor Research Consultancy with offices in the UK, North America and Philippines.

He is also the Founder and Non-Exec of Avian Construction, a Construction business focused on Loft Conversions, Basements and Extensions.

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